Emotional Tsunami was actually created with my mother during a facetime chat..  We have not seen each other since the beginning of the PanDemic and we make time each day to chat and I show her what I am working on.  She helped me pic imagery and fonts.. This statement is very special to me.


 I was inspired by the Japanese artwork that is the original framework for the tattoos on my chest and arms.  In my twenties I sought protection from my tattoos.  They were armor, and are armor.    Water is a powerful force..  It can cause massive destruction, or create purity and rebirth..  Emotions, like water can be powerful.  I have always had a hard time with my emotions and stabilizing them.  Emotional Tsunami is my acknowledgment of their power.


This like all of my statement tees and sweatshirts is made in the USA..  made on cotton french terry this light weight sweatshirt is a slim fit with contoured arms and made to finish just below the waist.


Made in USA

Printed in my East Hollywood Design Studio

Machine Washable


Emotional Tsunami Statement on Long Sleeve French Terry Sweatshirt


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