REFUSE TO SINK! Come on life throw whatever you want at me! I refuse to give up and I am the captain of my ship in this life. This statement tee goes out to all of you who want to give up, DON'T! You are not alone..


Printed on my 100% cotton signature sleeve basic.  Drop shoulder, rib arm band, and super soft garment dyed cotton make this an epic statment tee that not only has a message we can all relate to, but swag styel and comfort.


For some the Pandemis has been nothing more than an inconvenience, or even enjoyable. For many, like myself, it has been devastating and affected me professionally, personally, and spiritually:  I am candid about my demons. They dance around me in times of crisis.. My demons much like a bad event, can be dealt with one at a time.  The Pandemic brought my business to closure,  combined with being in repair from a year in Georgia that evinced the power of hateful homophobic conservatism, and unexpected challenges in my health that is part of the road map of growing older. Everyday has been challenges that seem to come at me from unexpected places. There were many days where I thought it can’t get any worse and it did, MUCH worse than I could have ever expected. 


I have poured myself into designing and I have a lot to say.. Checking in on my social media and hearing that my statements and voice was missed gave me connection and solace.: I am BACK! I am rebuilding and I promise you that I won’t let those demons dance in my studio, they don’t win tonight.



USS Refuse To Sink


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