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Products With History 
Made With Integrity.

My grandmother was a seamstress, She worked for a penny a seam my mother once told me.  My mother taught me to sew and to have respect for those hard workers that made the clothing we wore. Well made clothing takes time and skill. Attention to the details, andr espect for its creation are very important to me.  I have manufactured clothing in mass overerseas. There is no argument that our standards here in the United States for our workers is stronger and I am committed to ethical and equitable manufacturing right here in Los Angeles.  It is in my blood.


Vintage Inspiration

Everything that I make has been inspired by an American vinatge piece from m y perosnal vintage collection.  The history of men;s fashion is rich and I love to honor this history in my creations. Both my henley and all of my drop shoulder basics were created from a vintage piece that I found years ago in Brooklyn, NewYork.

Patterns Made by Hand

I believe in the tradition of pattern making.  There are challenges and imperfections that come from making patters by hand that create beauty and detail in the finished product . There are some nuances and style lines that a digital pattern just cannot create,

IMG_2416 2_edited.jpg


Details like the back yoke pictured here  are important to me.  This was originally put into knits for durability.  This detail kept the rib on the neck from stretching.  This is a detail modern menswear would eliminate.

Ethical and Equitable Manufacturing

Perhaps the most important detail is integrity and dignity.  I have worked with and respect the community of production and sample makers who make the products that bears my namesake for more than 20 years. There is love and pride put into every garment.

160627_daniel_0143 2_edited.jpg
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