The Buckle Back is a signature piece to Sheehan&Co.  I have broad shoulders and a smaller waist.  I also have a small neck. Dress shirts never seem to fit me right and if they do fit right they are uncomforatble.  Made from a light weight super breathable Japanese Gaberdine, this is going to be the only button up you will want to own.


Details include, Buckle Back the contour fabric around waist giving you a V-Shape.  

Cleans seaming, French Seams give this style added quality and olf school construction.

Japanese Light weight Gaberdine 100% cotton makes this item breathable and good all year round.


The Buckle Back is available for customization..  When you purchase custom, or made to measure, you will be issued a coupon code to set up your video fitting.  Fitting is free with purchase..



Buckle Back Woven Button Front Dress Shirt by Sheehan


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